Saturday, January 7, 2012

iPad raises hope...

My blog has suffered a lot in the last few years due to my own negligence and lack of commitment. This new iPad that was recently gifted to me at work raises hope in my budding and sagging ( yes, they can occur together - trust me!) blogger spirit that there is still hoe and I can still salvage it.

This in inline with my 2012 motto to remain positive no matter what. Your life's positive cannot be diminished by someone else's negative - no, rules of mathematics least apply to the beauty of life and you can only decide that!!

Back to original idea of the post, how does an iPad raise my hope :)

* I can keep making notes as I cook without worrying that my laptop will lose power and shutdown or that damn screensaver will turn on.
* I don't have to go scrambling looking for the camera and worrying that the camera will get grease or curry powder on it!
* I will have ease of access when experimenting someone else's recipe and avoid the issues mentioned above about making notes - yay!

2012 looks hopeful...Happy New Year, everyone! :)