Sunday, April 1, 2012

Odiya cooking blogs list...and Happy Utkala Divas!

Ram Mandir, Bhubaneswar

Happy Utkala Divas!

Yes, as Russell Peters, the very well-known stand-up comedian would say "The comedy practically writes itself!", April 1st is Odiya New Year! For the uninformed, we Indians love celebrations and thus, each state in India representing an unique culture has it's very own New Year (yes, apart from Jan 1st).

For history buffs, the present day Odisha relinquished itself of being typo-written for more than 50 years as Orissa. Don't think this name change can be blamed on the past British rulers similar to Calcutta/Kolkata, Bombay/Mumbai, Madras/Chennai, Bengaluru/Bangalore - seems more like a typo, someone accept it! Prior to Orissa, there have been a few other names - King Ashoka's Kalinga is one (JUST hated it when a contestant in India's version of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" that is, "Kaun Banega Crorepati" could not answer this!!!) and Utkala is another.

To be honest, I don't have as much regional sentiments as some of my acquaintances and relatives do. I am more of a "you are my friend if you are nice to me and can tolerate my peculiarities without being demeaning". Ok, enough of self-talk! So I was thinking about doing something special for April 1st and it stuck me that I should compile a list of my blogger friends with some kind of Odisha connection. So here I go...
  • Somoo's Home Cooked Oriya Food here
  • Sharmila's Kichu Khon here
  • Saswati's Potpourri here
  • Shibani's Anyone can cook here
  • Oriya Food and Recipe here
  • Odia Kitchen here
  • Full Orissa recipe here
  • Oriya Rasoi - Flavors from a Oriya Kitchen here
  • RCI Orissa Event recipes roundup here
  • Delicious Recipes 4m Pranati's kitchen here
If you have a cooking blog and you are an Odiya-speaking person or have some sort of connection to Odisha and/or want to connect with the others as an Odiya, please leave a comment and I will add your link.

Would love to hear from one and all..have a great ROCKING day!

Puri Beach, Puri

Shiva Temple, Naraj

Very popular sand sculptures of Puri Beach - this one is from an exhibition in Bhubaneswar

Lord Jagannath, Supreme diety of all Odiyas - the word juggernaut is derived from Him

Traditional wall art form and terracota decoration (no relation to Pannacota! ;))

Konark Temple, Konark - Note the intricate work!

Konark Sun Temple, Konark

Konark Temple, Konark - the familiar Chakra in the India flag, each wheel at Konark Sun Temple has a different design


Surabhi said...

Bahut Badhiya heichi gote jaga re sabu oriya blogs :)
Ongoing event
"Let's Party"
"EP Series - Mint & Coriander"

Torviewtoronto said...

lovely pictures following your site on google friends

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

Happy Utkala Dibasha to you too!
Good to see the Oriya blog collection. Will have to go through... There are some more too, have to dig them out...

Sharmila said...

Oh. .. you made me nostalgic. Miss BBSR even though I was there just last Oct. Thank you for the mention Pragyan. ... I really wish I could post more Oriya dishes. The experts are you and Somoo. :-)

foodydelight said...

Very lovely pics...Great collections.
Happy to follow you.
Do visit my blog in your free time

Jagruti said...

Hi Pragyan..Thanks for your lovely words on my blog :)

Its great to know of so many talented Odia blogging about our cuisine. I feel that there's an urgent need to put our cuisine on the map and your step of making a list of Odia bloggers is in the right direction. :)

Kudos for doing this!

Pragyan said...

Thanks, Surabhi! Makes me easy to follow and keep in touch as well! :) Really proud to see the ever-growing list..

Thanks, Torviewtoronto - appreciate it!

Thanks, Somoo -- let me know if you find others..I have a link manager added to the right-hand tab list.

Thanks, Shamila - wow, don't call me an expert plz (to be honest, makes me feel nice though to hear that! :)) - glad to share experiences anytime!

@Pranjali - Thanks! Anytime..visiting shortly..

@Jagruti - Thank you, You are welcome..I am with you - would love to have more awareness of the Odiya cuisine! Let's do the bit we can.. :)

Unknown said...

Its really good to find all the oriya food items and details about Odisha in one place...!

essay writing technique said...

first of all thanks of providing such useful information to all especially travel lovers.

Ipsita said...

Love your site...I am a die hard Odiya (not Oriya :P)...Been out of my homeland for almost 10yrs now...but still feels like yesterday...Love everything about most Odiyas, I love our food...very very proud about it.