Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Let's Party - Fusion Food" Event Announcement

"Lets Party" is a monthly event started by Surabhi Nayak of My Cook Book. Reading certain posts related to this event, I ran across it. This got me intrigued and as I was restarting my blog, I thought this will be a good opportunity to start hosting events as well. If I am jumping back into blogging, let's go full-fledged! :) So I reached out to her and voila - I was in! Thank you, dear Surabhi, for giving me the opportunity to host the event for this month. I promise to take good care of your "baby"! :)

This month's theme will be Fusion food or food with a twist. No, I don't mean dancing food - how crazy will that be! ;) Or even "Muruku" or Banana which are twisted in shape. :D Glad to have that confusion out of the way and a minor attempt at trying to be witty and funny in the same sentence! 

What I really mean is food that has been modified from it's original indigenous form. It can be something that you learnt from a fellow blogger or you just found it by "accident" when experimenting around your kitchen. Hey, if it suits your taste - likely someone else may also like it! So time to put your thinking caps on and come up with posts that fit this event's category - one request, no human being, particularly, family members and friends should be subjected to any harm - intentional or unintentional (read, "force-fed your experimental concoctions") to participate in this event! ;)

Hope you get the idea from some of the examples shown below -
  • Indo-Chinese food such as Chilli Chicken, Machurian available in most Indian restaurants
  • Chilli Chicken using Coconut oil \ Curry leaf !
  • American Chopsuey - noone knows why it is called American when you don't find it anywhere in the US! Need to clarify here that I am referring to the Indo-Chinese version here. Update on 06/27/2012 - Chef Mireille added a comment that American Chopsuey is available in New York - I did some research and found via the following links that such an item does exist. BUT it is much different from the American Chopsuey widely available in Chinese restaurants\fast food joints in India. To explain briefly, the New York version is macaroni and beef whereas the Indian version is crispy noodles with a sweet and tangy sauce made of veggies, tomato and chicken. Thanks for the comment - it helped me learn something definitely! I will no longer say that it is not available in US, but the version I am referring to is not available in US. It baffles me even more now how that name came about for this dish in India!! :)
 US version related links
    • recipe link
    • Sparkpeople recipe link 
    • Wikipedia entry link
Indo-Chinese version related links
    • Indo-Chinese version link
    • Someone else echoing my same thoughts in Khana Khazana! link
    • A recipe using Maggi noodles link  

  • Golgappas \ Pani Puri using shots! 
  • Papdi Chat using Tostitos chips! 
  • Aloo\Paneer Tiki Burgers!
  • Indian curry style Pasta!
  • Pizza with Mexican base such as black beans, corn, salsa, sour cream, lettuce - just had it today at California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) - immediately thought of fusion food! :) Added this to the list on 06/27
  • Chicken Tikka Masala I believe is also a fusion food - forget who recently posted about this, but there was a nice post related to this - will share it soon if I can find it.
This event runs from 15th June to 14th July, 2012. Sooooooooo, let's get the entries rolling in ...

"Let's Party - Fusion Food" Logo

Rules for the Event:
  1. The theme for "Lets Party" will be "Fusion food". 
  2. Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian dishes are allowed (No Beef/Pork).
  3. Recipes must be linked to this event announcement page and to Surabhi's page.
  4. Please post your link below and usage of the logo is mandatory.
  5. As many entries are allowed.Archives are welcome only if re-posted and linked back to the announcement page(only 1).
  6. Must be a follower at blog.
  7. There are three awards to be given:
    • Top Contributor Award
    • Best Recipe Award
    • Participation Award
  8. If you are having any problems linking up using the Link Manager below,just send me my email 
    • Sub: Let's Party -"Fusion Food"
    • Your Name:
    • Recipe Name:
    • Recipe URL:
    • Recipe Photo:
  9. Non-Bloggers can also send me an email with the details as below: 
    • Sub: Let's Party - "Fusion Food"
    • Your Name:
    • Recipe Name:
    • Email Address:
    • Recipe Photo:
    • Recipe in .doc format or .pdf format
Entry submission link:
We welcome you to take part in this party with all your Fusion food ideas. Bring it on!


Hayley said...

Nice event..MAWA CUPCAKEs will be ok for your event ?

Jagruti's Cooking Odyssey
Know Your Flours-Whole Wheat Flour

blogcenter said...

Awesome blog recipes

Hayley said...

Linked my mawa cupcakes recipe..
Jagruti's Cooking Odyssey
Know Your Flours-Whole Wheat Flour

Sanoli Ghosh said...

Hi, just I linked Salmon in Dill-Mustard Sauce. Could you pls check and confirm it? Thanks. Happy hosting.

Julie said...

Thanx for reminding Pragyan,Linked mine:-)

Chef Mireille said...

just a note about Chop Suey - it is an American invention and does not exist in China - that is why it is called American. Maybe not the rest of the country, but you do get it in NY!

MAHIMA said...

Totally my kinda event! will do a post soon for this.

Supriya's Rasoi said...

hey Pragyan have linked my recipe of bread chaat. Thanks you dear.

Kalyani said...

linked my couscous tikki Pragyan ! thanks for letting me know !

Happy hosting :)

Sizzling Tastebuds
Event : Healthy Diet - Sandwiches
Hosting Walk Through Memory Lane – July 12

Sanoli Ghosh said...

Hi Pragyan, I have submitted two recipes to your event, 'Salmon in dill mustard sauce' & 'pepper fish'. Please check and confirm my recipes. Glad to follow you. Very lovely event. Happy hosting....

Santosh Bangar said...

niceevent sending recipes to thisevent

Pragyan said...

Sorry for not responding earlier in the comments section - have been in touch via email.

Thank you everyone for your entries - it is such a delight to see all your submissions for my first event. Keep them coming :) Deadline is till July a few more Poirot (yes, am a Agatha Christie fan!) would say "Let's get the gray cells working" :)

Sanoli Ghosh said...

Hi Pragyan, thanks for visiting my site and leaving your valuable comment on my post. Today I submitted another one, 'Paneer Pudding'as per your comment. Please check it. Very interesting event dear.

MAHIMA said...

Linked 2 dips... hope u like them.

Priyanka Verma said...

i just add one link ..nice event ..
happy hosting ..:)

Sanoli Ghosh said...

Hi Pragyan, just now I submitted two of my recipes, Jus de gingembre & Roasted chicken with vegetables. Please check and confirm those. Thanks a lot dear. Wishing you a very happy hosting.....

Sanoli Ghosh said...

Hi Pragyan, just now linked jus de gingembre & roasted chicken with vegetables. Please check and confirm. Thanks a lot. Wishing you a happy hosting dear....

Priyanka Verma said...

i added my second entry veggie vermicelli and just joined your space.. :)plz check and confrim me .