Sunday, July 29, 2007

Initiation to the world of foodie blogging!

A few years back, a newly married lady landed in US. Prior to this part of her life, she had never had to manage a kitchen and feed hungry mouths. She had indulged in baking goodies and luxury cooking in the past. But they don't really help when you are actually hungry, does it? Equipped with a few recipes from her mom, a few innocuous utensils used by her husband as a bachelor and the phone to call Maa (the 911 of cooking), she sets forth on a battle. To learn cooking and become self-sufficient in a year! Well, she has come a long way since then. Atleast she likes to think so ;) Now she treads into the world of foodie blogging! Yes, that's the cooking part of me!

As I start blogging, all those initial apprehension days of cooking come flooding back! It's a whole new world! Let me set the expectations. I plan to:
  • To have fun.
  • To cherish all the trying and memorable cooking moments.
  • To capture the learning process.
  • To thank everyone who has helped me in this process - from my ever-loving and always supportive mom to my MIL\SIL duo to the Diva Rachel Ray to senior fellow foodie bloggers! And of course, my cheerleaders and the guinea pigs without whom this learning process is incomplete and not as much glamorous - my dad and dear hubby! (More detail about my inspirations later of course.)
  • To try food photography, photography being my second passion after software development.
  • To make some friends for life.

Yes, that's the budding blogger part of me! Plan to reflect back on how much I accomplished from the above list in a year.

Happy blogging everyone!

Blogging inspirations

I am newbie in terms of blogging. A few days back, I was looking for some recipes and stumbled across the vast array of "desi and videshi" (translated Indian and international) cooking sites. I was really amazed at the level of detail and quality of the recipes. Till then, I only thought Rachel Ray inspires people to cook (Yep, I am a Rachel Ray fan). I was glad to be wrong!

Here are some of the sites that really inspire me to cook:

Will keep updating this list, as time permits. And when the list becomes huge, will move it to favourites section. Still getting the knack of blogging!