Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sandesh Mitha

Was looking for some new sweet dish recipes when I came across the "Sandesh" recipe posted by Sharmi of Neivedyam. In almost all the sweet-shops of Bhubaneswar, you will definitely find this sweet. It used to be such a regular sweet in our place that I stopped eating it. Another item that you disliked when mom served it to you as a kid, but now you crave for it! :)

Ingredients (makes 20 pieces)

Ricotta cheese - 2 cups
Condensed milk - 3 tbsp
Milk powder - 1tbsp
All purpose flour - ½ tsp
White sugar - 4 tbsp
Raisins/Cashewnuts to garnish - same as the number of Sandesh pieces

  • Mix all the ingredients together.
  • Using a thick-bottomed pan, cook this mixture in Medium-Low heat till the mixture thickens and leaves the side of the vessel. Keep stirring continuously, approx every 5-10 mins, so that it does not stick to the sides and burn. I had to cook for approximately 1 hour.
  • When the mixture is cooled down, make small balls and garnish it with dry fruits. I used raisin tossed and lightly roasted in very little butter.


sra said...

Hi Pragyan, your title drew me to your post - isn't all sandesh sweet? Or is there a savoury version as well?

Jeena said...

What a great sweet they look just lovely, nice recipe :)

Asha said...

OH MY!!! Looks so white with black topping and yummy.I have a tub of Ricotta!:))

Shyam said...

Oooh, that sandesh looks nice! I'm going to bookmark this recipe. It's so simple! :)

Sandeepa said...

Lovely sandesh

Sharmi said...

that sounds delicious isn't it? lovely looking sandesh!! You have a great blog. sorry for my delay on the visit. was real busy lately

bee said...

one of my fav sweets. have to try this. thanks for the recipe, and thank yo sharmi, as well.

Cynthia said...

This is such a nice simple sweet dish to prepare.

Bharathy said...

Seen Sandesh in Sharmi's.These one on the plte look so pretty and yummy!:)..

You are right Prgyan, No Indian cooking is complete without Sorisha!

Thanks a lot for leaving the precious opinion in my place.Hugs for that loving support ;)..

Pooja V said...

I have always eaten sandesh frm halwai shop. I didnt knw it wud b simple tht i cud try it ...thanks for the recipe.

Happy cook said...

They look so good. Didn't know it was so easy to make them

Pragyan said...

Sra: Good question. Sandesh is always sweet. We just like to stress on the Mitha..wonder why! :) Atleast I am not aware of any savoury version. Thank you for coming by.

Jeena: Thank you.

Asha: Yes, the black topping made it all the more eye-catching. I feel incomplete if I am out of ricotta in my pantry :)

Shyam: Hope you made it and enjoyed it as well.

Sandeepa: Thanks, dear!

Sharmi: Thanks dear..thanks for sharing the recipe. Hope you are a little less busy now. Some times are like that isn't it?

Bee: Hope you tried it.

Cynthia: Thanks, this is indeed one of the easiest sweets to make. I always look for easy sweet dishes since my husband loves sweets.

Bharathy: Thanks for visiting. This sweet got over in no time at my place :)

Pooja: Same here. I used to also think it must be some complicated weird process. Thanks for Sharmi for clearing that up :)

HC: Same here. Thanks for coming by.

Vcuisine said...

Pragyan, they are lovely like buds. RCI Tamil Festival is on, if possible, please send your entry. Viji

Mansi Desai said...

wow!! nothing can keep me away from this "sondesh"...bahu khobe!!:D lovelu pic!

Pragyan said...

Hi Viji, Sure I will make an entry for RCI:Tamil.
Hi Mansi, Enjoy the sondesh :) Thanks for the comment.

arun raj said...

i got fried rice recipe from other source but here i got full information hanks for this