Sunday, February 22, 2009

Plain Dosa and Coconut Chutney

Coconut Chutney

Ingredients (Makes approx. 16 servings)

Coconut - 1 small
Fresh Coriander Leaves - 1-2 handful
Roasted Chana Dal (Bengal Gram Lentil) - 3 tbsp
Ginger - 1 inch piece
Green chilli - 2-3, as per taste
Tamarind Concentrate - 1 tsp

Easiest recipe ever - Get all these ingredients into the grinder and go vroom-vroom-vroom till it is a fine paste. Refrigerate and enjoy till it lasts! :)

Devour this chutney with plain dosa, rava dosa and even with puri/paratha. I learnt to enjoy puri with chutney and aloo curry while at my PG place in Bangalore - Thanks, Aunty - you were the best!

Plain Dosa

Ingredients (Makes approx. 16 servings)

Urad dal - 2 cups
Flat Chiwda - 1/2 cup
Methi seeds - 1 tbsp
Rice flour - 3 cups
Canola oil/Butter/Ghee - for garnish on the dosa

Soak cleaned urad dal with methi seeds and flat chiwda overnight. Hot water fastens the process too.
Grind the soaked chiwda in the morning and keep aside. Try to keep it in a warm place (maybe close to the stove) for the ground mixture to ferment. After fermentation, the mixture is raised and fluffy.
About an hour or so before making the dosa, soak the rice flour in some water such that it is slightly runny in consistency.
Add 1:4 ratio of urad dal ground mixture:rice flour mixture and mix well with salt as per taste.
While the tawa is cold or slightly warm, dump a ladle of the ural dal-rice mixture and using concentric circles, spread it out inside-out. Try to avoid lumps in certain places - uneven mixture means you need to take extra care that the lump gets cooked too!
I usually leave it on for 2 mins or so in medium heat so that a brown golden color develops on one side.
Turn it the other side and cook for half a minute or so. Some people just cook on one side.
Dab a little butter (yumm!) and serve with potato filling, chopped onion, chopped green chilli and some sambar/coconut chutney.

A garlic-dry chilli paste can be ground and applied to the dosa as well. I believe adding this paste is a Mysore dosa speciality.

Being a Oriya girl, it has taken me a lot of experiment, trial and tribulation to finally come to a dosa recipe that I like and is kinda similar to the ones we get at restaurants!!! Have never been so proud of myself! :)

I am eagerly waiting to get done with my thesis proposal and make my long long long overdue India trip! Enjoy the winter while it lasts! :)


Trupti said...

Pragyan, dosa & chutney looks very delicious one of my fav. Good luck with your thesis proposal.

Madhu said...

Dosa and chutney very classic, never gets bored of it. Looks delicious Pragyan.

Sharmila said...

That dosa looks crisp ... and I love the adding of chana dal to chutney. Good luck Pragyan for your thesis. :-)

n33ma said...

Lovely combination.

Usha said...

Dosa and chutney looks delicious, and I make my chutney in exactly the same way, I just made it this morning :-)

Smitha said...

I'm new to the blogging world and just happened to find your page. I really liked the thought put into naming your site. Good one.Would love to follow your blog.
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Pragyan said...

Hello Trupti: Thanks,dear, for the wishes. I need it! :)

Hi Madhu: Nice to hear from you. Isn't it? We have it once in a while and one of the most soulful food that is vegeterian too!

Hi Sharmila: Yes, chana dal was the taste that was missing from my chutneys for a long while. I always felt something was missing! Thanks, dear, for the wishes.

Pragyan said...

Hi Neema: Thanks again! Simple and soulful, indeed!

Hi Usha: Thanks, dear! Glad I am doing it the right way..I avoid the tempering since that tends to take over the natural mild to make this soon, maybe tomorrow :)

Hi Smitha: Thanks for swinging by. Sure, I will be coming by your blog. Am sure it will be quite interesting. Isn't sorisha a nice word? :)

Smitha said...

Sorisha sounds really nice:)
Don't mind me asking because I'm a newbie i need help. I need to know, how I can add myself to follow your blog?In most blogs I see a follow link, I don't see it on yours. Help:)Would love to follow.

Smitha said...

Oppsie!got it. Thanks. You can forget that question I ask:)

Sandeepa said...

That dosa looks so crisp. You are almost done with your PhD or is it the proposal defense

Cynthia said...

You know coconut chutney is one of those things on my list to try and I am yet to get around to it.

Sharmila said...

Sorisha kouthi? ;-)

Rush said...

the dosas look yum..havent tried adding poha, maybe will give it a try now

Asha said...

Hi P, thanks girl.
Yes, it's had been almost 18yrs since my last visit to Bangalore, so much has changed but I loved visiting my family and friends. Next visit won't be that long since both my kids will be adults in 4 yrs. I can relax and enjoy more! :)

Trisha can't wait to start college, looking forward to be independent at last! ;D

Have fun, see you in Fall.

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

Hi - reallynice to see your blog...
I guess you are busy and away from blogging... Get back in when you have time... Lovely to find another oriya blogger around...

Pavithra said...

First time here lovely space and so much impressed. The dosa is looking crisp and yumm comforting food always hah.. will visit often. DO visit mine when u find time