Sunday, June 10, 2012

Disney Milk Chocs and Food ad for BWW # 36

Disney Milk Chocolates in form of coins were not only tasty but good subject for the pics. Disney characters can always bring a smile to your face - God bless them and their creativity. Over the years, almost every person has fond memories of these characters. I did not have the theme parks experience or endless hours of CDs\DVDs\etc - but every Sunday morning 9AM we had their show for one hour on India's National television "Doordarshan" and that would be one helluva fun hour!!!

Few years back, me and my mom made one "girls" trip to Orlando, Florida and of course, we did visit the Disney World - those were a few memorable Summer days for sure! Enjoy the Chocs...

We went bowling yesterday and loved the place. And from all the random clicks, found this one which got me thinking of food ads and their impact on our hunger, the next meal and the next grocery shopping list. Just looking at a well-shot food pic can make you hungry even if you did not feel the same a few seconds back! I had to share it as part of this event..

This post is for "Black and White Wednesday Week # 36" being hosted by Cindy of Cindystar. The event annoucement page is here. This event was started by Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook and the weekly host lineup page is available here.

Enjoy your Sunday! :)

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