Friday, September 14, 2012

Around the World event for September - Sri Lanka

Hi All -

Reshmi has kindly provided me the opportunity to host this unique event "Around the World". Being a food blogger, trying out different types of food is a passion. Each cuisine has it's speciality and unique-ness that defines it. When I started thinking of potential choices for this event, I realized I may know more about Italian, Mexican and Thai than the neighboring countries of my birth-country India. The least familiar was Sri Lankan cuisine. And thus, I decided to use this hosting as a challenge and learning opportunity to know more about the cuisine of this island.

As I started reading up about the Sri Lankan cuisine, some names that repeatedly came my way was Hopper, Sambol, Mallun, Lumprais, Mul - all new words, ain't it? Well, let's learn more about this as we prepare to post for this event. Good luck, everyone! I will try to get my Sri Lankan friends and other friends who are familiar with this cuisine to do certain guest posts - do look out for these posts in my space here.

Here is the rule for the event:

1) Prepare any dish from the Sri Lankan cuisine, post them on your blog and link here. The linky tool will be open till Oct 15th, 2012 (Please note the end-date is different. Due to a family tragedy, I did not realize that I have missed the posting till Reshmi reminded. She also kindly agreed on the new date to give everyone enough time to post. Thanks, Reshmi!). Non-Bloggers can send their recipes with the details to the my email id .
2) Please link back your recipes to this event announcement and to Reshmi's event page. Do include the logo in your post (mandatory requirement).
3) You can link as many links as you want.
4) Archived posts are accepted. Repost them and you are good to go.

Entry submission link:

Some Sri Lankan cuisine links that may be useful for you to prepare for this event:
  • Wikipedia - Sri Lankan Cuisine Link 
  • Sri Lankan recipes Link 
  •  Sri Lanka Asian Vegetarian recipes Link
  •  Sri Lanka Asian Non-Vegetarian recipes Link
  •  Sri Lanka Asian Sauce recipes Link
  • Sri Lanka Asian Dessert recipes Link
  • Sarogini's


Sanoli Ghosh said... interesting event. Will surely participate. Happy hosting Pragyan.

Meenakshi said...

Happy Hosting Pragyan...I will definitely participate :)

Sanoli Ghosh said...

Hi Pragyan,
Just now linked two of my recipes, please check dear.

Amila said...
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Amila said...
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