Friday, December 28, 2012

Knit Stole (Light Country Peach)

In my growing years, I remember my mom and her friends getting together to knit and exchange patterns during winter. The local market would have the colorful yarns sellers, some of them claiming to have come straight from Kashmir! What a delight to watch those colors and more so when they were knit into beautiful sweaters, scarfs, mittens and what not! They intrigued me then - they intrigue me even now - the adrenaline rush (kid you not! ;)) on seeing the end-product is always cool! My first knit was a pencil bag - if I remember correctly, it was something we did as part of the school project (SUPW class, anyone? :)). I was so proud of it and held on to it for a long time after.

Thank you, Maa, for introducing me to it and nourishing that interest further. My granny (Aai) was the best - I definitely got the crafting gene from both of them. This has kept me away from boredom more often than not - when I am in a solemn mood, I depend on this as a diversion and to boost my spirit. If you have any such neat tricks to keep you satisfied and content, do share them - would love to hear more.

Enjoy the stole I knit during this holiday season - I love the color and texture. I have a weakness for the seed stitch that I have used in this stole and try to use it wherever I can, though it is usually used only as a border by most other crafters.

You need:

Knitting Needles - Two (6 U.S 4.0 mm)
Caron Simply Soft 6oz Skeins - Three Skeins Light Country Peach (9737)

How to:

CO 72 stitches for 17'' width (more or less depending on the desired width - make sure it is even number of stitches)
For the rest of the work, always slip the first stitch of a given row to get a neat edging to the stole.
Knit the first 25 rows for end-borders (refer pic below).
Seed stitch the rest of the work -
  • 26th Row Right Side (RS) - Slip first stitch, knit and purl repeatedly the rest of the stitches till the last stitch which needs to be knit.
  • 26th Row Wrong Side (WS) - Slip first stitch, purl and knit repeatedly the rest of the stitches till the last stitch which needs to be knit.
Knit the last 25 rows for end-borders (refer pic below). 
Bind off by knitting the last row. Finished length was 76''.

Stay warm and cheerful! :)

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