Sunday, August 19, 2007

Shorshe Chingri Bhape

Since the day I prepared Shorshe Chingri Bhape from Sandeepa's Bong Mom's Cookbook, we have become major fan of it. Dahi Maccha (Fish in Yogurt gravy) with Rohi fish is one of our favourite fish curry. The present recipe is quite similar and tastes out-of-this-world. It is also very easy to make. Yummy food without too much effort - who does not like it? ;) Seriously, let me know if you are in this category :)

Shorshe Chingri Bhape - Literal translation is Steamed Prawn with mustard.

Ingredients (makes 4 servings)

Mustard seed - Poppy seed Powder (as shown in Step 1) - 13 tsp
Tiger Prawns - 13
Large Potato - 1
Green chilli - 5
Salt - as per taste, approx 2 tsp
Turmeric poweder - 1.5 tsp
Yogurt - 1/2 cup
Mustard oil - 2 tbsp

Step 1

Using a coffee grinder, make a powder of mustard seeds, poppy seeds and salt (2:2:1).

Step 2

Mix all the ingredients together and keep aside for 15-30 mins. If you are using frozen prawns, make sure the prawn is thawed and has reached room temperature. The prawn's shell should be removed.

Step 3

Pressure cook on High heat without the whistle for 45 mins. Garnish with finely chopped coriander leaves.

For the vegeterian version, you can prepare this recipe with shrimp replaced by paneer or potatoes or mushrooms. Enjoy!


Vidya said...

I've tried this mustard and fish dish in the days before I gave up non-veg... I loved that taste.. can u tell me if there's a vegetarian version for the mustard curry?? what vegetables would go well with this??

Pragyan said...

Hi Vidya, Thanks for visiting. Good question. For the vegeterian version, you can do with paneer or potatoes or mushrooms. I will add info to the recipe as well. Keep visiting.

Suma said...

Hi Pragyan

I had a wondeful opportunity to visit orrisa in March of this year and had a very good week in Balighai ( 8kms from Puri ) enjoyed mahaprasad every night for a week and just loved it. I have tried a few oriya recipes at home ( I have the 2 cookbooks available in the market with me) and I tried a recipe which I found online ( green plaintain bhaja ) I made a powder of mustard ( black ) and red chillie and used it and the entire dish became bitter so bitter that I had to throw the whole thing out. I knew mustard turns the food bitter but didnt imagine how bitter it could be.... How much quantity to be used ( recipe said 2 tablespoons for 2 plaintains ) and is it the yellow mustard thats used. Please do let me know my email id is

Thanks for your time and help


Pragyan said...

Hi Suma: Thanks for visiting and providing the hearty comments! Unfortunately, your profile is not accessible. I will email you soon. Am so jealous of you - you visited Orissa and enjoyed the beaches and mahaprasad (food offerings to the main deity reverred by all Odiyas - Lord Jaganath, his brother Lord Balabhadra and their sister Subhadra) :( Just kidding :)

I have never tried Plaintain with mustard. However, 2 tbsp mustard for 2 plaintains sounds a little more. Why don't you try using a little less than 1 tbsp for 2 plaintains? Additionally, soak for mustard powder in a few drops of water for 30-45 mins before using it..that enhances the taste of mustard. Learnt this from Maa recently and it does taste better..let me know if this helps!!

moni said...

Hi Pragyan:
I love reading your blog. It's nice. I am telling from my experience regarding sorisha masala. In reference to Suma's plantain dish: 2tbsp mustard is too much. Like you said, you can soak the mustard powder in water for few minutes. Put little salt and haldi in the water, it reduces the bitterness. Add some jeera and dried mirchi according to your taste. When using this masala water, do not use the seed coat of the mustard accumulated in the bottom which adds bitterness. Eating the dish next day tastes less bitter. This is my way of making this plantain dish, "kadali chudchuda". It is one of my favorite. Chop plantain and potato into small cubes. Heat oil, put phutana or "panch phodan", and when it splatters, put the vegetables, fry little bit, put soaked mustard, jeera powder, chopped tomato, haldi, salt. Cook little, cover. Add little water if needed, not too much. With good plantain, it tastes really good. You can add fried bodi if you have. Keep blogging. It makes our life easier in this busy world. Thanks, Moni