Sunday, August 19, 2007

This past week of 08/12 - 08/18...

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award
My first blogging award! :) Feels really great. Feel accepted into the blogging world. Thank you, Sandeepa for passing this on to me. You are such a sweet little angel!

Going on with the tradition of forwarding this to other girl bloggers, I am forwarding this on to (in alphabetical order):

You guys rock! Keep on blogging and spreading the joy to one and all! :)

Foodie BlogRoll

Finally got sometime to enroll sorisha in the Foodie Blogroll and add the code to sorisha. This is a really great idea. One link to all the great foodie bloggers and their sites (read 'babies' :)). So very convenient! Jenn from the "The Leftover Queen" is the originator of this. Looking forward to have lot of fun as part of the monthly food event "Royal Foodie Joust" organized there.

Monthly Food Events in the Foodie Blogging Community

Monthly food event reminds of the three events for which I submitted my articles this week. Lucky me or pure coincidence, I had prepared the food items this month that were eligible to be submitted for these events.

Ever since I started blogging, I have a huge ever-increasing list of potential recipes to try out. Now with the monthly events, it just gets bigger and better :) Should I say "Lucky R" now? ;). R has been more than happy with my recent interest in food blogging..he gets to try out new food delicacies and provide his expert opinion. Well, I take on his expert opinion when it is in my culinary skills favor ;) If it is otherwise, the weather is to blame! :)

Save Darfur
Fellow bloggers, as you are blogging and spending time online, I humbly request you to take a moment and take a look at The Save Darfur campaign. Quoting from the FAQ in there, they "utilize media outreach, public education, targeted coalition building and grassroots mobilization to pressure policymakers and other decision-makers in the United States and abroad to help the people of Darfur.". It is indeed a shame. At this age when we think "Its a small world", in a corner of this same small world, there is a genocide taking place. Please contribute to this purpose. One of the simplest way to contribute is to just forward messages to your Senator. Does not take more than half-a-minute. Let's make the world a better place!
Note - Recipes will be coming in a post later today evening.


Vidya said...

How sweet!!!! thank you, Pragyan! you made my day!!

Pragyan said...

Hi Vidya, You are welcome! See you..