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Spicy "Chatty" Poha

Poha aka Chiwda aka flattened rice is a common breakfast item in our household. Something that was easy to gobble down while rushing out for school. And it is healthy and filling as well. Not that I looked forward to eating it as anything healthy meant you have to run miles from it. ;)

The breakfast version was where poha was soaked in hot water. By the way, we call Poha "Chudah". Once it slightly soft, remove the water from the Poha by pressing it with the palms of your hand and then mix with fresh home-made yogurt, banana, sugar and a pinch of salt. And some fresh cream would add the desired creaminess. Add some milk as well if it is too thick. Just writing this brings back so many memories of my breakfast with dad when in school\college. :)

On a related note, there is another type of Poha which is not soaked before mixing with the above things - it is quite crisp in texture. If I am not mistaken, it is toasted in a claypot with hot sand. Not sure if is the present process as well - this is how I had seen it being toasted as a kid. Don't blame me if it was something else and I am confusing it with Poha .. remember I was not blogging back then as a 6-7 year old or ever thought I would that I would pay as much attention! :))

Other than the above, there is a recipe where the Poha is cooked with onion and is called "Chudah Santula". Been long since I had it - should ask my mom for recipe, as always! It does not have any spice in it unlike the recipe below which is the more Maharastrian form of making Poha. My friend Meenal often makes it and I learnt from her the idea of adding Bhujia as garnish. It gives the whole dish a different twist. Over time, I have made different changes to the first recipe I picked up from someone\online and now it is one of our favorite weekend brunch. I make it a little extra to serve as weekday lunch at work as well - my treat! :)

Learn more about Poha from the wikipedia entry here.


Flattened rice \ Poha 4 cups
Turmeric powder - 2 tsp
Chilli powder - 2 tsp or less if you prefer very less heat

Canola oil - 2 tbsp
Curry leaves - 10 leaves
Cumin seed - 1/2 tsp
Mustard seed - 2 tsp
Dry red chilli - 6
Fresh Green chilli - 4-5, as per taste
Asaefoetida powder - few pinches (3-4)

Onion - 1.5 large, chopped
Ginger - 3 tbsp

Lemon juice - 1 tsp
Ground peanut - 1/2 cup or more as per your taste

For garnish:
Fresh coriander leaves - chopped
Fresh ground coconut


Soak Poha in lukewarm water for a minute.
Lightly pressing in your palm, remove the water from the Poha and keep it aside.
Add turmeric powder and chilli powder. Mix well as shown in pic below. Keep it aside while you do the rest of the cooking process. This let's the yellow color develop in the Poha.

Chop onion, chilli and grate the ginger.

Heat Canola oil.
Add Curry leaves, Cumin seed, Mustard seed and Dry red chilli.
As the mustard splutters, add fresh Green chill and chopped onion.
As the onion becomes translucent, add the grated ginger.
Add Asaefoetida powder - be careful not to put more than required of a few pinches else it turns the dish bitter. Putting the right amount gives out a nice smell and it aids digestion.
As this mixture is well cooked, add the poha-turmeric powder-chilli powder mix. Mix it all together nicely.

Cover and let it cook in Medium heat. Stir again and cover to let it continue cooking and the flavors to develop more.
Put off heat. Add the lemon juice and ground (roasted already) peanut. Cover and keep it aside for a few mins.

Before serving, garnish with chopped fresh coriander leaves (optional), fresh ground coconut and Bhujia.

We had it with potato curry this morning! :) I always like to have mine with some spicy tomato ketchup as well. Enjoy the healthy filling Poha - let me know if get to try it out! Always look forward to hear back from my readers... :)

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