Thursday, March 15, 2012

Waiting for lil' birdie (literally!) ..

Last summer, one early weekend morning I wake up to a little knocking sound from outside the balcony door. It was a little scary assuming initially someone was trying to break in - mind can play strange games when things out of the ordinary happens. Only to realize a very sweet lil' beautiful bird was trying to play with it's mirror image on the balcony door. :) That was just the beginning..every morning for the next few months this birdie would visit us. After some time, I would get disappointed if the birdie would not come by.

Spring is here and I hope we get a similar visitor this year...a "natural" pet - no strings attached of requiring us to feed it or look for care-giver when we go on vacation! :) We have got an early Cherry Blossom this year - will try to get some shots to share with you all soon! Looking forward to visit DC sometime over the next few days and enjoy the grand splendour of the blossoms in full bloom. Enjoy the spring while it lasts - have a great time doing all the outdoor stuff! :)

Hello! Do you wanna take my pic?

Is this pose ok? Do not worry about the mess I have created here - the next rain will clear it all! :p

Am I modest or what?

Yoga - deep breathe and relax!

Lovin' it here! Trust me! :)


Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

cute, cute post! Enjoy the cherry blossom!

Aarthi said...

beautiful clicks

Pragyan said...

Thank you, both!