Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hey All!

I have always got a taste for sprouts. But never got around to making some on my own. Lately due to health issues and the need to include more healthy foods in our diet, sprouts are the first that got added to my menu. My friend Meenal's mother recommended Methi (Fenugreek) seeds sprouts since they have innumerable medicinal benefits and very good for controlling blood sugar spikes. While waiting to lay my hands on Methi seeds, have started eating Moong sprouts.

My Maiin (Mami aka mother's brother's wife) used to serve sprouts to us when we were kids. That is the first recollection I have of ever having sprouts. If I remember right, she used to make it as a salad and serve for breakfast with lot of other delicacies. I have come a long way since then since the Moong sprouts alone are sufficient for a filling breakfast now. On a side note, I always think my Maiin should write books on natural remedies - wish she does some day! Much like how I wish my mom would write an Oriya cooking book - I can only hope someone will listen to me "some" day! :)

Right now, I have about 1/4th cup of sprout every morning before heading for work. It keeps me satiated till I reach work and have my proper breakfast. This way, I am not filling myself up with some sugary granola bar! To be honest, it took some learning and patience to get sprout-making right. Even though it is a very simple process, I am sharing it here just in case there are more people like me with similar mental-blocks!


1/2 cup of whole Moong (green gram lentil) gives me about 1.5 to 2 cups of sprouts which lasts me for 3-4 days


Soak the Moong in water in the morning before heading for work.
In the evening, drain the water and keep it in a dark place like a shelf or oven.
Note - Avoid Moong sprouting in well-lit places or it will turn bitter - I leave it inside the oven.
By the next evening or the day after, you will have well-sprouted Moong beans.

My joys had no bounds the first time I managed to get those long juicy sprouts! Happy sprouting! :)


Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

Love the look of sprouts - too... Don't love eating them that much...
Hey why don't you get your Maiin's ideas and post here - it will be a good thing for you and us too!
Happy sprouting and here is to healthy eating!

Aarthi said...

useful post


Pragyan said...

@Home Cooked Oriya Food - Thanks for reading my posts and providing such encouraging comments. Much appreciate it. Very thoughtful idea of posting with my Maiin's ideas..think I need a whole new blog for it however! :)

@Aarthi - Thanks, dear! :)