Saturday, December 5, 2015

Chicken Kadai (with Banne Nawab Masala)


Chicken - 1 whole (about 20 pieces)
Onion-Ginger-Garlic paste - 15 tbsp (paste made with 2 Tomato, 1 large Onion, 6 cloves Garlic, 1 inch Ginger)
Banne Nawab brand Kadai Chicken Masala - 1/2 packet
Turmeric - 1tbsp
Salt - 1 tsp or as per taste
Cumin seeds - 1/4 tsp
Dry Red Chilli - 3
Dry Bay Leaf - 3
Canola oil - 3 tbsp


Thaw the Chicken to room temperature.
Marinade with Salt and Turmeric for approx. 30 mins.

Heat Canola oil in a pan.
As it warms up, add Cumin seeds, dry Bay leaf and dry Red Chilli to temper the oil.
Add the ground Onion-Ginger-Garlic paste. Mix it well.
Stir it frequently till the paste is cooked and oil starts separating.
Add the Chicken and mix it well. Cook at Medium-High heat to avoid the Chicken from becoming too watery.

As the Chicken is half-cooked, add the Kadai Masala spice mix. Mix it well.

If the spice mix or Chicken is sticking to the sides of the pan, add few dashes of water and remove the stuck items before it burns. Cover it for a few mins, if needed, to make it cook faster.

In the last 5 mins, you can add half an Onion, chopped into long slices. Mix it well and continue cooking. Serve it warm with Roti/Chapatti or Rice/Dal.

Note - There is a recipe enclosed in the Banne Nawab brand Kadai Chicken Masala spice mix. We love that preparation as well but it is different from the above.

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