Sunday, August 19, 2012

Independence Day Chitrahar from back in the days...

Happy India Independence day..belated wishes!

Does anyone remember Chitrahaar from back in the days? I am sure anyone and everyone from my age-group definitely does - right? For the uninitiated, it was a bi-weekly movie song program that used to come in the Indian National Television Channel "Doordarshan". It was the only channel available back then - yes, I am from the pre-cable era (made me feel akin to dinosaur era, as I was writing!)

So every Wednesday and Friday used to be movie song night via this program .. 8pm and we were all hooked to the television. No 24-hour song channels in those days and anyways, don't think parents would have allowed that much TV-time back then! :) School lunch-break conversation would center around what were the new songs..and the thing was on special occasions, they would play the same songs!! Yes, same songs.. :)

Gandhi Jayanti meant a song from Ben Kingsley's Gandhi movie - that was the only Gandhi-based movie in those days, now we have a few more to the mix. Holi, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Raksha name the occasion and they had a set of canned songs which played every year. As I was thinking of a special post for India's Independence Day celeb, I thought I should repost the songs from Chitrahar that were played religiously every Independence day. If anyone is enthued enough, mind checking in this year to see if they end up playing any of these YET AGAIN!! An informal Bingo game of sorts, you know! :)

So here they you remember any others? Let me know if you do..


notyet100 said...

Made me nostalgic,,,:)

The Gardener said...

Your post made me travel back in a sort of time-machine to the olden days.

The Gardener said...

Listening to the old patriotic songs in Chitrahar transported me back in time-machine to the olden days.