Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wine 101 - 'I am Modern' magazine

The other day while waiting for my 'much coveted' dentist appointment, I was flipping through the 'I am Modern' magazine. One article that caught my attention was a write-up on Wine.

What has always intrigued me about Wine is the food-wine pairing involved and it's use in cooking. As my close friends know, I don't drink (nothing wrong with drinking in moderation but alas, had to clarify here before some conservative friend and family members get their wild thought process going and make snide remarks!) but it's cooking use is something I want to be comfortable and conversant in someday! You have to agree it is a unique cooking technique and an interesting part of the palate. Who does not like the flame color when the spirit such as Rum or Wine is added to the food? Gorgeous, isn't it? :)

Am sure will use these clicks someday in determining the appropriate food and wine pairing. One thing to note here is that with Indian food, Pinot Grigio is recommended.

White Wine
Red Wine

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