Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cherry Blossom 2012 "Sakura Season"

Washington Monument across the lawn

"In the shadow of the cherry blossom complete strangers there are none."
- The 19th century haiku master Kobayashi Issa
Ever since I have moved to DC, Cherry Blossom is a special part of the year for me that I eagerly look forward to. Have always been lucky to spend it with family and friends and build some much-cherished lifetime memories.It signals the end of the cold dark winter with the soft pink hues of the delicate blossoms.

Japanese people believe the Japanese cherry blossom captures and defines all that is vulnerable about being human. The sakura season gives us a timely reminder, once a year, that life is fleeting and time is precious. This is a time to take stock and evaluate what you have achieved, and what you are going to do next, on your own life path. In essence, the cherry blossom cycle is seen as a metaphor for life.

Jefferson Memorial across the Potomac

First year (2003) was with the newly weds Joe-Merlin and Jose-Lynn, my very first friends here. I had just arrived here newly wed excited to start the new life as well as homesick in Feb. My first visit to the National Mall could not have been in any better time of the year! Anti-climax was when me and hubby had to rush back coz I got allergic to the pollens :( But that experience has never deterred me from going back year after year. The cherry blossom flower viewing is termed as "hanami" in Japanese and I have had the opportunity to enjoy the same over the past couple years - it's special and hope to enjoy it for many more years with all my dear ones atleast once!

An angle I learned from my dad - thanks, Baba, as always!

The next year (2004) was when my undergrad buddies visited me from New York and we got to hang out together - catching up after years but could only talk to all the fun-times in school.

Tulip Garden in the National Mall, DC - Trying a new angle on my SLR which surprisingly turned out good - I love it!

The year after (2005) I believe I and R went down to DC on an impromptu trip only to realize that the blooms were delayed - what a disappointment! But we did have a nice walk by the Potomac in the cold breeze and got to check out newer areas of DC!

Blossoms by the Potomac Tidal Basin

"all the more I wish to see
in those blossoms at dawn
the face of a god"
- The Haiku Poems of Matsu Basho

One year was with SIL and her family. Another year was with my good friends Prajakta, Meenal and Ekta and their families. In the years, we did not go to DC - we enjoyed the "equally serene" colors in our neighborhood with some warm BBQ in a chilly evening. Last year (2011) I missed it due to the cold weather and instead of the outside weather, our friends Bobby and Lori who were visiting us and we went shopping during the day and bowling in the evening - not bad at all! :)

Tulip Garden in the National Mall, DC

This year was with my buddy Siri and her two most adorable and well-behaved sons Neanth and Satvik. I hope they had the great time that I most definitely had. Got to check out the most colorful Tulip Garden upfront and close for the very first time - clickety clack could be my middle name! I was click-happy with my SLR camera that was "actually" being used for the very first time since it's purchase about 3 years back!

Tulip Garden in the National Mall, DC

Cherry Blossom festivities are on till April 15th weekend - we are celebrating 100 years of Cherry Blossom celeb this year. Details are available here. Hope you get to visit and have a great rollicking time with your loved ones!

Tulip Garden in the National Mall, DC
It’s like their bowing over to give their quiet nod
To their talented creator,…to the Great Almighty God
- Tulips by Linda Hogeland

Tulip Garden in the National Mall, DC

A sunbeam caress the only flower from my garden,
What a nice feeling, what a pleasure,
Than to admire the beauty of a flower,
And closing eyes to dream about it.
-  The Only Flower You Are by Crisina Theodore
Washington Monument in the background

Tulip Garden in the National Mall, DC
Each time I see a tulip…. my heart is drawn to Him
- Tulips by Linda Hogeland 


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We went to DC during cherry blossom festival, but missed the bloom. It was gone because of the rain.. Nice pictures and wonderful explanation..
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