Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dosa (not the concentric circle one!) with Aloo curry

Hey All,

Happy Spring, everyone! It is so gorgeous outside these days - wish it was like this all THE time. Out here, weather goes into extremes so quickly that a single moderate weather day is a blessing. Been having a hectic life so much so that a week just zip-zap-zooms by!!

Yes, if you are wondering, Sorisha is still a food blog and someday hope to have a restaurant with this name - another one of those "Mungerilal" moments (translated - a famous Hindi television series "Mungerilal ke Haseen Sapne" of the 80's about an ardent day-dreamer named Mungerilal played by the so-versatile actor Raghubir Yadav. Coming to food, today's post is about my constant struggle with making dosa to my liking. I am so talented (yes, sarcastic!) - in my 9 years of cooking, I have never repeated a dosa batter to my liking. Seriously, I am so frustrated with my batter that my blood pressure hits the ceiling everytime the first dosa is spread on the tawa!When Maa visited us, she taught me a trick that gives me good crispy-thin dosa irrespective of whether the batter is from Mars or Venus. :)

Trick is very simple - instead of spreading the batter in concentric circle, work on it in straight lines to spread the batter evenly. End result is paper thin crispy dosa of uniform thickness - bye bye thick edges! Trust Maa to solve any problem :)



Urad dal:Parboiled rice in 1:2 ratio
Fenugreek seeds - 1 tsp for every cup of urad dal


Soak urad dal and parboiled rice separately overnight.
Blend into a batter with fenugreek seeds.
Add salt and let it sit for 3-4 hrs
Heat a non-stick pan.
Spread a spoon of batter and using a flat spatula, spread the batter in straight lines evenly spreading it.
Drop a few drops of oil (R likes his with mustard oil while I like Canola oil)
When the dosa looks golden-brown and cooked, turn it over for a few mins (optional).

Serve with Chutney or Potato Curry - however, you like your dosa! Hope you have a nice sunny day! :)


Ivy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your dosa looks delicious just like crepes but much healthier.

Sharmila said...

That is a wonderful tip Pragyan! It did turn out crispy!

notyet100 said...

This is something which even I have to master :) platter looks yum

Torviewtoronto said...

yummy this dosa looks fabulous

Claire Chang said...

Hi Pragyan,

This is Claire.
I can't wait to try your yummy recepies. Talk to you soon!

Claire Chang said...

Pragyan - this looks delicious! Cant want to try. Talk to you soon!