Sunday, July 29, 2012

5 years since...

I am 5 years old!!!

Happy 5th Birthday to this dear blogspace of mine. 55000+ views, 60+ followers, 120+ posts old - this is something I cherish as my own. Changing the template every now and then to give it a new look. Eating a new food has a new dimension now - how do I blog?

Thank you, Maa, for instilling this love for good food in me. It is from her that I have learnt to not only cook but also make it presentable by adding garnishes, etc. Baba is ofcourse a picky eater and thus, her challenge is always much more. Thank you, Baba, for introducing me to photography - I can never be as good! No matter how many SLRs I own, I will always think of his Yashica as "the" camera.

Thank you, my dear friends Sonali, Prajakta and Kavita, for always nudging me in the right direction and prodding me to blog when I was going through a lull here. You guys partly own this space - thank you always for your encouraging words!

My blogger friends - Sra, Somoo, Sanoli, Torview and many many more wonderful human beings - this experience is all thanks to you guys! How boring it would be to keep posting without any interaction from the other bloggers out there? Even a simple comment such as "Looks yummy" or "Interesting" goes a long way and means a lot!

Thank you, everyone, for the memories and wonderful experience related this blog - and many mores to come! :)


Sanoli Ghosh said...

A very happy birthday to your blog.... waiting for more interesting recipes from, smiles & hugs


Follow foodie said...

Wow So nice

R.Punitha said...

Hi Sorisha,

Looks Yummy !!!

Neat presentation :)

Keep on Dear..

Do collect your Sunshine Blogger Award at

notyet100 said...

Congrats wish ya many more milestones likemthis ,,:)

sra said...

That's a pretty cake!

Blogging and the friendship that comes with it is a lot of fun, isn't it?

Here's a toast to you and your blog!

Julie said...

A very happy birthday to your space,wishing many more birthdays!!

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Poonkodi said...

many more happy returns of the day to sorisha ! love ur blog said...

I am a die hard sports fan ... this dish is apt for the Olympics. Cheers!

Pranati Nath said...

Hey, you have just been presented with the *drum roll* Sunshine Blogger Award!!
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