Friday, July 13, 2012

Trummelbach Falls and Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Day 2 Morning

We are up early and ready to catch the 7:30 connection to Lauterbrunnen. I still can't believe we used to catch the 6:30AM\7:30AM buses during a vacation, particularly with my history of "almost" always missing my school bus and company bus during my internship and 1st job at Bangalore. A little sceptical if we will make all the connections - anyways, let's take the hike literally. :) While walking to the stop, we see this para-glider over our resort and are tempted to try it out as well one of those days but we just could not make any time for this similar to our other plan of spending a day on a winery tour! Note to self to do that next time! ;)

The travel from Ovronnaz to Leytron to Sion to Spiez to Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen to Trummelbach falls involved a combination of bus and train rides with scenic mountains, springs and falls for visual delight.

Particularly stunning was the ride from Spiez to Interlaken beside Lake Thun. How serene it must be for the people in the boat? Hmmm...In this ride, met a couple from Virginia and what a different feeling finding someone from your own place far far away!

The ride to Lauterbrunnen by the gushing water-flow is another sight to behold. And of course, shown so often in the Hindi movies. Lauterbrunnen valley by itself is a sight to behold with the flat terrain surrounded by mountains with waterfalls in every next mountain - maybe I will retire here someday! Don't take me seriously here - I have once too often retired myself in my vacation spot of choice...The snow capped peaks in the background are breath-taking views!

When I had read about Trummelbach falls, I thought (of course, incorrectly) that it will be an idyllic trip with a few other people for company. Well, I was in for a surprise - let me put it that I felt like I was on the bus ride to Mysore Gardens. It is close to Interlaken - the mecca of Indian honeymooners and family vacations.

The Trummelbach fall is scenic - absolutely loved the sound of splashing glacial waters making their way to warmer terrains and flat-lands of the valley below. There are a series of steps that take you to the higher falls - an amazing and literally cool experience! :) Be prepared to walk and take the steps if you are visiting this place and I would recommend everyone to do this - it definitely added a different dimension to our Switzerland trip!

Entrance to the caves of Trummelbach Falls

Inside the caves - glacial waters from the Jungfrau and other closeby mountains rolling down the mountains towards the valley as falls and streams - loved the splashing sound as well as the cool drops of water in contrast to the warm sunshine outside.

At the end of the caves of Trummelbach Fall

Day 1 - Geneva to Resort in Ovronnaz, Valais
Day 2 - Trummelbach Falls and Isenfluh, Lauterbrunnen and Interlaken 
Day 3 - Wengen, Klein Scheidegg, Jungfrau and Grindelwald
Day 4 - Basel and Bern
Day 5 - Lucerne, Golden Pass Tour through Zweissimen, Saanen, Gstaad, Montbovon, Montreux
Day 6 - Zermatt and Glacier Express to Andermatt
Day 7 - Back to Geneva and home

Day 2 Travel was primarily this:

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(More of Day 2 to follow in another post...)


Sanoli Ghosh said...

In one word, just 'Splendid'.

Pragyan said...

Thank you, Sanoli dear! You are so sweet - always a pleasure to hear back from you.

Poonkodi said...

Praju, read this just now and seems like a lifetime away. Lovely travelogue

Pragyan said...

Thanks, dear! More coming up soon..yes, it seems like a lifetime away! Time flies...